We give you our word

Communication is based on trust. Whether it be written texts, oral presentation, or a conversation; you want to be understood and also understand beyond mere language and cultural borders. We can help you with this, we promise.

The owners of ABZ Sprachendienst:
Dipl.-Jur. Beate Bauer, Dipl.-Phil. Dipl.-Angl. Eszter Bobory-Küwen

Language services

As your professional partner, ABZ Sprachendienst will guide you through the necessary multilingual communication of an increasingly globalized world. We offer professional interpreting services, competent technical translations, diligent editorial services and sustainable language instruction. All of our services are delivered by trained experts possessing various languages and areas of expertise within and well beyond Osnabrück.

Specialists for international communication

A broad network of qualified interpreters, translators, editors and language trainers enables us to guarantee individual professional consultation, rapid completion of time sensitive assignments, and excellent quality for even the most demanding assignments. We provide services for commercial enterprises, authorities and governments, as well as private customers. ABZ Sprachendienst is the specialist for your international communication. Linguistically, reliably, naturally.


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